Wave Trophy – Maxon BikeDrive in the Swiss Mountains


Waving the India flag with Maxon BikeDrive and Wave Trophy!

Thank you Panitek Power AG, Maxon BikeDrive and Louis Palmer, Wave Trophy for this incredible opportunity to ride an ebike in the beautiful Swiss landscape.
Special mention to Lukas and Rebekka for all the help and support during the journey.

A meeting with Suki-Desanj Lenz at Swiss Indo Chamber of Commerce in Zurich a day bfore the event. Thank you for facilitating the sponsorship.

Day 1
Winterthur to Affoltern
Start – After staying with my friend in Zurich, I met Thomas from Maxon Bikes and collected the ebike. Thomas from Maxon Bikedrive gave the 2 ebikes with accessories and instructions. Simple and easy to ride and very comfortable.

The Ride begins!


Though it was a rainy rainy day, the Maxon BikeDrive worked without any issue. – 80 kilometres done in the heavy rains without any problem. It was a hard day of riding in heavy downpour of rain. With a lot of breaks while riding, I reached Zug

Day 2
Affoltern to Kloten
A sunny day of ebiking with a good start from Affoltern. Riding with the Solar Trike team of Lukas and Rebeca has been amazing.

The Maxon BikeDrive worked perfectly well in the hills. A powerful motor enabling the uphills with ease.


I started riding with the dynamic duo of Lukas and Rebeca who were riding a solar powered electric tandem. We passed through the town of Rapperswil during lunch, which was their hometown as well. It was a bright sunny day
After approximately 100 kilometres of biking, I reached Kloten with enough battery remaining.
Meeting new folks everyday is a great experience


Day 3
Kloten to Sarnen
A photoshoot in Kloten and off we go. Leaving early morning after a healthy sleep and breakfast helped me to gain early momentum with the Maxon bike. Here is the group photo of the Wave participants –
A back breaking climbing in the last 10 kilometres was the highlight of the day. With the powerful Maxon motor ebike, this climb was made easy. The weather was cheating on us – alternating between rains and sun frequently, so it was difficult to ride with a particular clothing. A challenge again!

Day 4
Sarnen to Oberburg
I visited the Maxon Bike Drive factory with the Wave participants and met Thomas again.

A group photo at the Maxon HQ in Sachslen –

It was a long day with beautiful mountains and landscapes to ride in. After a quick lunch at Nottwil, we reached Oberburg for the night.

Day 5
Oberburg to Brig
A long day of riding, close to 180 kilometres with battery swapping at lunch. I started carrying 2 batteries alongwith me on the ebike and swapped them at lunch.
Me, Lukas and Rebeca woke up at 6 am to start the ride on time. Oliver joined the ride today with the second Maxon Ebike



Switzerland has amazing bike paths and the constant ups and downs and ebikes seems like the best solution to travel and enjoy the outdoors in Switzerland without sweating it out.

Day 6
Brig to Disentis
The day of the big mountain passes.
This day was tough since we had to climb 2 mountain passes in one day. but the riding company and the landscapes made it easier.

Wave is also about interacting with the local people, students and organising networking events to promote electric mobility.

Lukas demonstrating his solar powered electric tandem to the students


A hot chocolate at the top of the mountain made it all worth it.

Day 7
Disentis to St Gallen
A long day of riding again but not as mountainous. A bit cold and windy today but with the right battery swapping at lunch, we made it to St Gallen. It was great to meet Mr. Pankaj Agarwal, CEO Panitek Power AG, who was a sponsor and facilitated my participation in the Wave event.



Day 8
St Gallen to Zug
Relatively easy and covering 100 kilometres for the day, we reached Zug with a school interaction in Watwill.



An engaging lecture by Nick Beglinger in the evening to top it up. It was great to catch up with him after the lecture to talk about blockchain in energy.

Day 9 – The Final Leg!
Zug to Umwelt Arena
Mixed Feelings after 1000 kilometres of riding in Switzerland!
A short day of riding – 80 kilometres more like an emotional roller coaster. Reaching Umwelt Arena was a great feeling. A bit tanned and tired but great experiences and moments to cherish for a lifetime.
Waving the Indian Flag at the finish line with Louis was a great feeling. A big THANK YOU to the entire WAVE group for being so supportive and helpful throughout the journey and making this possible!





Again, a big thank you to Louis Palmer, Maxon Motor, Panitek Power, Swiss Indo Chamber of Commerce for facilitating my participation as the first Indian team to take part in the WAVE electric vehicle rally, Switzerland.


Sushil – The SunPedal Ride.
Wave Trophy – 1200 kilometres in 9 days